How exactly do you measure the quality of your backlinks?

How exactly do you measure the quality of your backlinks?

Not all links are great and not all links foul. It is similar to the real world we live in. You may have a great amount of network, but still, you might be infamous. The amount of network does not define the destiny, the quality of network does. Similar things happen upon these digital lawns. One might buy quality backlinks USA in huge quantities but still might stay struggling to get a higher SERP ranking. This is why we tell people to have quality backlinks from expert companies like .

So, how to tell if your links are sane or insane? Or, simply put, how to tell if your backlinks are of good quality or not?

Ways to check the quality of backlinks!

Links are like a double-edged sword. If you do it the right way, these links will help you win the most brutal wars possible; if you do it the wrong way, these will harm your website till its death. Or consider them like the strings or lines of a parachute. If they are quality lines then your website will fly distances; otherwise, it will fall down to death. This is why it comes important to check the quality of backlinks time after time.

Start from a basic link audit!

The first step is to sift out the bad from the good ones. You would not want to let a bad fish spoil the total sea. Never! If there are spam websites linking to your website or page, then know that your website will likely to suffer the wrath of Google.

Sometimes spam links happen due to a mistake. For example, you might fall into the trap of cheap link sellers. All they do is to cost you money and time and peace and your website’s ranking. At other times these spam links happen when a competitor tries harming your website. We call it negative SEO. But do not worry, it has a way out. And this way out has been provided by Google as Google Disavow Tool.

The first step is to check for links. This gets done through link audit. If you are not aware of this thing, then we suggest you go for an expert agency. Furthermore, never go for cheap backlinks in bulk. There would be ads like ‘buy 50 links for 5 USD’. No! Shut down your computer; run like a chicken towards the closest pond; dive like a penguin; stay there for 1 minute; and then chant to yourself to not buy such links. Go buy quality backlinks (USA).

How to do Link Audit?

There are many tools, paid and unpaid, that help people do an audit of all the links that are. Paid tools like Moz, Ahrefs, etc. are easy to use and provide various features like bulk audit, selection, and action. Free tools like Google Webmasters tools are much useful too but here you might need to take action manually.

The next step is to extinguish the spam ones. Earlier in the days, spam links were a famous blackhat strategy that was proving a gem to websites. Why? Because Google algorithms were not strong and its computing powers were low. But now it can easily find out spam links and then penalize the website.

Do a quality check!

This step comes most useful at the stage where you are about to buy backlinks. They say that links with high DA and PA scores work like an elixir for a website. Which indeed is true. However, this alone is not the only criteria that decides the quality of links! There are other factors too. Some of these factors require brainstorming and some require knowledge.

  • Try to think if the website you are about to buy quality backlinks (USA) from will actually convert into visitors. Buying links alone should not be the goal, having visitors too should be the goal too. For example, if you deal in baseball bats then think if having a link from websites about wood will be useful. Wood relates to baseball, but not all interested in wood will be interested in baseball. Thus, you won’t see much conversion. However, having a link coming from a website about baseball will give you much return.
  • Try having links from the same niche websites where possible. It’d sometimes be much costly but it’d be worth the cost. Having links coming from the same niche high quality DA and PA website will not only help in conversion but Google takes links of the same niche more seriously.
  • DA and PA scores are somewhat similar to PageRank by Google. They judge the trustworthiness and authority of a page or link. When getting inbound links for yourself, make sure this score is relatively higher. It means that the link juice will be passed with quality in it. This is what quality backlinks ( mean. It is the same as hearing your name being spoken from a famous personality on a live TV show. The more shout outs you get from famous personalities, the more famous you’ll get.

Do a psychological Research!

This world is nothing but a blend of luck and psychology. Psychology is something, which, if wielded well, can bring in life and energy and everything you can dream of. You must do a brainstorming about how people behave and interact in the market. Know their feet, sense their breath, read their eyes, and then predict their destiny. Then all you need to do is to lay down your product in the way they are about to walk, and in a way that they fail to resist picking it up. It is like predicting the stock market and then touching the stock accordingly.

For example, if you see that people are leaning towards a certain trend, you may likely want to bring your quality bedding into that lawn for them to rest on.

Remove Spam Links

Do not think that they will stay lying there. Do not ignore these bugs. They are deadly and will harm your website without a doubt. Google looks at these spams with eyes full of suspicion and head full of anger. It wants to keep the internet clean and thus disgusts such spam links. If they link to your website, Google considers you to be a part of the play and thus punishes you. Use the Disavow tool to tell Google that it need not to consider such spam links and it can forget the relation between you and these spam links.