The Best Home Building Design Software for Starters and Professionals

The Best Home Building Design Software for Starters and Professionals

Whether you are developing a completely new building, extension, or remodeling, one of the must-have tools for the process is the right home design software. The programs help you to transform the client’s targets into visual models so that every aspect, from lighting to building façade, is visualized. The apps also come in handy during budgeting, developing green buildings, and complying with different regional building codes.

If you have a team that comprises experts and young architects, getting building design software that works well for all can be pretty challenging. In other instances, starters want to pick programs they can stick with even after becoming professionals. To help you in selecting the right app, here are some top options you will get in the market today.

Selecting the Best Home Building Design Software: What to Think About

 The right home building design application for your architectural work should come with advanced features that make it possible to work on all types of projects. If you want to create 2D sketches or advanced 3D models, the application should make it possible without requiring a shift to other programs. Here are other attributes of good software for architects, whether starters or professionals.

Excellent customer support to help you if you get stuck.

Secure and reliable to ensure that data is free from unauthorized persons. For example, does the application use encryption to prevent attacks by hackers?

Ease-of-use. A program that is easy to use can help you complete projects fast. For example, you can complete a building design in less than two hours using Cedreo building design software.

Supports collaboration. Many building design and planning projects involve working with a team comprising contractors, accountants, electricians, and administrators. So, the best app for expert and starter architects should allow them to collaborate easily by supporting instant updates on the same cloud database.

Affordable. This is a pretty sensitive attribute because more advanced features are mainly available in the expensive building design apps. The lovely thing though is that you can get quality programs that allow starters to enjoy most features with their lower plans and only require them to go premium when working on advanced projects. For example, SketchUp’s lower plans have features that you can use to create both simple home models and complex Condos.

The Best Home Building Programs for Starters and Experts 

When selecting an app, always keep your focus on the nature of the tasks at hand. The following five apps can help you complete most home building designs fast.

Foyr Neo

Many starter architects who discover Foyr Neo always come back with positive feedback. It is particularly easy to use, allowing you to complete an entire building design in only a few hours. It is a cloud-based application and comes with completed parts, such as the bathroom and verandahs, so you do not need to rework them. You will also get access to advanced features, such as 4k photorealistic rendering and a huge collection of 3D objects.


If you are looking for a high-quality building app that works best for both simple and complex designs, SketchUp is one app that will never disappoint. It works excellently for a wide range of professionals, from architects to interior designers. Like our first choice, Foyr Neo, SketchUp comes with a high-fidelity object library with almost all the items you need to complete building designs fast.

SketchUp works very well for starters because you do not need advanced computers to use it. It is supported by most standard computers, and learning how to use it is also pretty easy. Before Google sold SketchUp to Trimble, it added features that make the app stand out from the pack. The most notable is the integration with Google Earth that allows you to easily pullout the latest Google images for your designs.

3D Studio Max 

Created in 1996, 3D Studio Max has stood out for its advanced features that make building design easy and fun. We were particularly impressed by its high-profile photorealistic renderings, and 3D &2D tools, and vision control features. Whether you prefer to work on building designs using new sketches, or ready-to-use 3D models, 3D Studio Max is one app that will not disappoint.

As you select the preferred building design software, remember progressively building personal skills is the best way to stay ahead of the competition. You might also want to compare the apps with others, such as Revit, AutoCAD, and Maya.