Top 10 Action Games for Android

Top 10 Action Games for Android

It is not because you play, quietly installed with your tablet or your smartphone, that you are passive.You will find here a selection of the best action games for Android, so get out there and get adventurous. Adrenaline guaranteed!

1. GTA Vice City (Android)

As was already the case for the previous title, Rockstar Games Studios wanted to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the release of a video game monument: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City! The city of Vice City can now be explored directly from your Android phone. Immersed in the ’80s, you will play as a determined man who will have to work hard and often enough get his hands dirty to get respect in this city where gangs sow terror.

The 3D graphics have nothing to envy to the console graphics of the time, and the controls have been perfectly adapted to the touch, to the delight of the fans!

2. GTA 3 (Android)

To celebrate ten years of PlayStation 2, Rockstar Games Studios has released a mobile adaptation of the most famous open-world action game of all time: Grand Theft Auto! Immersed in the heart of Liberty City, you will have to try to make a place and a name for yourself in this city of all dangers, which seems to be run only by a few influential gangs.

Discover the city as you see fit or complete the missions you are asked to do, you will be totally free but beware of the police who will never be far away!

3. The Amazing Spiderman (Android)

In this game developed by Gameloft, you will slip into the shoes of the spider-man and experience the adventures of the movie of the same name. Armed with your superpowers, you will set off to discover New York City to do what you know how to do best: protect the population from its aggressors and intervene before it’s too late!

You’ll have to complete 25 different missions that will take you to 5 different areas of the city, in stunning 3D graphics for a mobile game. You will be able to use different combat techniques and improve them over time.

4. The Hungry Shark (Android)

In this opus compatible on Android, and developed by, you will put yourself in the shoes of the biggest predator of the seas: the shark. Your goal will be to feed it so that it develops and becomes even scarier. But beware, the ocean is not a safe place for this animal. Indeed, you will be confronted with various obstacles such as hunters present on the surface of the water but also underwater.

So you will have to be attentive and be careful when you are near the surface. In addition, the ocean is full of traps, including explosives that you will have to avoid swallowing.

5. The Free Roam 3D undercover (Android)

Free Roam 3D Undercover is an action game edited by Elusive Minds Development and available on Android. You take control of detective Max Northman, engaged in the fight against organized crime and its gangs that proliferate in the city. You will have to take on many missions while taking all the risks.

You will be able to borrow all kinds of vehicles such as cars, trucks, quads, boats, planes or even buses and trucks. A very large arsenal will be of great help to you in the heat of the action. There is a sulfate use, a rocket launcher or a machine gun among the most sympathetic.

6. The Dinosaur Rampage T-Rex (Android)

Dinosaur Rampage Trex was released on Android thanks to the developers of Polyester Games. In this action game, your goal is to terrorize the city and destroy everything in your path by taking control of a huge and terrifying dinosaur.

You will move around the city using the joystick on your screen, and you will have to make sure you cause as much damage as possible. The police will try to stop you, either with vehicles or helicopters. They won’t hesitate to bring out the heavy artillery, which promises action-packed games.

7. The Playmobile Police (Android)

Created by GeobraBrandstätter Stiftung & Co, Playmobil Police is an action game available on Android. A thief has just seized the loot and is running at full speed through the streets of the city.

Fortunately, you have a Playmobil car, a motorcycle or a gyro pod to catch him. Be careful to avoid all obstacles because the slightest shock could cause you to lose visual contact with the thug. Also, think about jumping on the safes that contain bonuses and also collect the gas, so you don’t break down in the middle of a chase.

8. The Transformers Age of Extinction (Android)

Transformers Age of Extinction is an action game published by Mobage and available for free on Android. You find all your favourite Autobots fighting against Decepticon in Transformers Age of Extinction. You will have to take up all the missions that come your way using your weapons and your different shapes to adapt to your environment and the enemy.

You will have to manage to progress through the levels by destroying all your opponents continually. You’ll also need to regularly improve your skills and weapons so that you can compete on equal terms with Decepticon.

9. The Marvel Future Fight (Android)

Designed by Netmarble Games, Marvel Future Fight is an action game available on Android. You have just received a message from Nick Fury from the future! The director of SHIELD has just warned you that different dimensions have collided, threatening the world with extinction. He’s counting on you to put together a team of heroes and villains from the Marvel universe, be it Spider-Man, Iron Man, Hulk or others. Take part in 3-on-3 battles in stunningly designed 3D environments and discover a captivating storyline.

10. The Lawless (Android)

Designed by Mobage, Lawless is an action game available on Android. Discover a game with high-quality 3D graphics for a mobile game, in which you play as a mobster just released from prison.

We are in 1990 in Los Angeles, and you don’t have a penny in your pocket but, fortunately, during your time in prison, you made many contacts that should allow you to rise in the world of gangs quickly. Accept the missions that are offered to you, succeed, and you will earn money and a good reputation!