What is the wifi speed that you should get for your home? Read on!

What is the wifi speed that you should get for your home? Read on!

How much internet speed I need or what is a good internet speed is something that is often on the minds of many people. Especially when you are choosing a home wi-fi. A home’s wifi connection depends on a variety of factors, such as upload and download speed, number of devices that you will connect to the wifi and lots more. In ideal cases, 100 mbps of internet speedshould be more than enough to help you get things done without any worries. However, you could also need a faster wifi network, such as 300 Mbps or even 1 Gbps.

As a result, you can see that the process of getting a new wi-fi connection for home ends up becoming hectic. What to do? The answer is simple – understand what needs you have.

Budget constraints? Get the 40 Mbps wifi plan

If you are someone who doesn’t want to spend a lot on wifi, then we think the 40 mbps plans will be ideal for you. The biggest benefit here is that even though you do not want to spend a lot on your internet, you will still get a good internet speed on your devices. This type of connection is also ideal if you do not have a lot of devices to connect. However, the internet here will start to lag a bit more once you connect multiple devices. If you have many devices and want to experience seamless connectivity across all of them, then we suggest choosing a slightly more expensive broadband plan.

100 mbps is the ideal speed for everything

Want to enjoy fast wi-fi internet experience on your smartphone? Watch movies or stream OTT in high definition, and scroll endlessly on social media after yet another tiring day at work? Then we suggest going for a wifi speed with 100 mbps. This is the one wifi broadband speed that will always back you up. With your daily activities. As a result, you will never really have any complaints with this plan.

Will you need wi-fi for gaming? Go for a higher plan

When it comes to gaming, the stakes just go a little higher. It is no big secret that time is of the essence for an online gamer. You have to make movements in split seconds to get the better of your opponent, or else you might just lose. Therefore,all gamers will agree that a faster broadband connection is the way out. A better internet plan reduces the ping and provides a smooth gaming experience. Hence, you could get a 300 mbps plan or even the 1 Gbps plan if you are really up for it.

You should also note that in everyday cases, 100 mbpsdata speed is just fine. Choose the more expensive plans for your broadband only when you are engaging in extremely bandwidth heavy activities, such as gaming.

Looking for a new connection for wifi? We suggest getting Airtel’s Xstream broadband. If you already have a broadband connection, then we also suggest getting an internet speed test done and check if you are really getting the speeds that were promised to you.