5 Reasons to Implement An Automated Time Card App

5 Reasons to Implement An Automated Time Card App

Many businesses are still hesitant to switch over from traditional manual timekeeping because they don’t understand the benefits, and they feel that the way they are doing things is just fine. While businesses can certainly function using manual time tracking, there are many more benefits to switching over to an automated timekeeper app that you are missing out on, not to mention all the problems that still exist with manual timekeeping.

Here are five reasons to implement an automated time card app at your business.

Reason #1: A Time Card App Is More Secure

Ensuring that business and employee data is secure is one of the most essential parts of running a  business. This includes preventing time theft and fraud from things like buddy punching. While these things are nearly impossible to monitor and secure when tracking time manually, a time card app offers ways to ensure that employee clock-ins and data are secure along with company data.

Each employee has a unique ID, and their data is kept safe from other employees, so that time theft and fraud are virtually impossible to commit. Productivity trackers built into the time and attendance app ensure that employees are on task and that only authorized personnel has access to company assets. Employers can also use GPS trackers to limit access to sensitive areas.

Reason #2: Better Timekeeping Accuracy

One of the easiest ways to upset employees is to fail to pay them properly. The problem with manual timekeeping is that employees typically fill out their own timesheets; this makes timesheets prone to errors. Not only that, but manually calculating payroll makes it prone to mistakes as well. This can make paychecks inaccurate and also make it more expensive and time-consuming to process payroll.

A time card app automates all the calculations for time tracking so that no manual calculations are necessary. Payroll integrations also make it possible to process payroll without all the paperwork traditionally associated with paying employees. A seamless payroll integration can ensure that timekeeping and paychecks are accurate, saving money and preserving employee morale.

Reason #3: Improved Labor Law Compliance

Keeping track of employees is complex, and this makes it hard to make sure that everyone is taking their proper breaks and getting the time off required by law. This can lead to severe business complications because labor law dictates that employees be given appropriate breaks and time off between shifts.

A timesheet management app allows for tracking all employees at once, and managers can easily see who is or is not clocking out for their breaks or taking time off. They can then send reminders to employees to clock out and, if necessary, address the issues personally to prevent labor law violations before they occur.

Reason #4: Handle Issues in Real-Time

The worst thing for a business is dealing with problems and not knowing about them until it’s too late. Manual time tracking requires constant oversight to find issues, and addressing them takes even more time.

A time card app makes it much more manageable. Employees and managers can send out notifications in real-time. Problems such as attendance and staffing can be addressed and adjusted quickly without interrupting the workflow or having managers constantly looking over employees’ shoulders.

Reason #5: Easy Data Tracking and Reporting

Knowing where you’re spending your time and money is key to controlling your bottom line. A team time tracking app can collect all this information for you and use it to improve your business. Whether you operate on a per-job basis and need to improve your bids or you’re looking to improve how your workforce operates daily, the reporting from a simple time card gives you the information you need to know what to improve.

Historical data is one of the keys to being able to adjust as business changes. Taking advantage of a time card app will make being profitable easier.