How Automotive Software Development Services Are Changing the Automotive Industry

How Automotive Software Development Services Are Changing the Automotive Industry

The automotive sector is rapidly changing to become a software-driven market. The shift wouldn’t be possible without the professional help of consulting teams proficient in automotive software development. While the automotive companies started to prototype new software systems, it became apparent that staying relevant requires fundamental change.

Nowadays, the automotive world goes further and doesn’t limit itself to simple automotive solutions and mobile app development. New industry standards are established by a software-defined vehicle.

Software-defined vehicles

SDV was coined to put emphasis on the crucial role of software in building the vehicle of the future. Software-defined cars are created with software systems at the center stage of vehicle development and automotive software becomes the main competitive advantage. The value of modern cars is no longer estimated by their design and performance. Vehicles have become digital platforms allowing their users to connect with other devices, like smartphones a decade before.

By building the best software products, automotive brands ensure high customer satisfaction, increase customer loyalty, and explore new business models.

Robust software engineering services for automotive companies

Working with the most innovative enterprises in the automotive ecosystem, tech consulting companies like Grape Up establish a number of software development services required to build strong pillars for delivering production-grade software.

Automotive Cloud

Before automotive developers focus on designing apps and services, a company has to provide a solid foundation. Automotive technologies need to ensure security and functional safety, most of their software system is mission critical and cannot fail. Supporting the digital transformation of major automotive enterprises, Grape Up help them with custom-built cloud platform development.

Experienced engineers provide expertise in commonly used platforms and tools, including Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, Alibaba, OpenStack, Kubernetes, or VMware vSphere. The process of building resilient infrastructure covers research, analyzing modern technology solutions and cloud services, prototyping platforms and backend systems, and developing production-ready environments.

Connected Cars

The main industry players compete to deliver the most intelligent solutions leveraging connected car technology. Connectivity is a game-changing asset and a much-needed feature to provide a unique customer experience, develop infotainment systems, and fully use V2X capabilities.

Grape Up ensures relevant experience in designing and productionizing connected solutions to enable automotive enterprises to deliver predictive maintenance, smart routing, and a more personalized experience. Connectivity solutions pave the way for new features for automated driving.

Shared Mobility

Sharing economy is one of the major trends changing global markets. New mobility is based on access to public and shared vehicle fleets and requires solutions allowing for managing the access to vehicles. As services on demand win with the ownership model, companies invest in payment and management systems.

Grape Up helps companies leverage telematics platform, ensure payment systems integration, develop charging systems for electric vehicles, and 3rd party integration.

Artificial Intelligence and Big Data

AI-based software is transforming the industry, from manufacturing to user experience. Automotive apps are powered by Machine Learning, Big Data, and Deep Learning technologies. Customers gain smarter, more personalized services thanks to advanced technologies that leverage behavior and vehicle data. AI helps with data processing and accelerates the development of autonomous driving features.

Grape Up enables automotive teams to leverage AI both for improving customer experience and leveling up automotive development services at every stage, from prototyping and automotive software testing to delivering embedded solutions to production.