Top Business and Data Analytics Companies in India

Top Business and Data Analytics Companies in India

India’s data industry is booming and expected to grow at a CAGR of 15.07% from 2022 until 2027. As a result, India is seeing a steady rise in the demand for analysts who can understand data and derive meaningful business-oriented insights to thrive in the market.

The uprising in adopting analytics in businesses results in newer job openings for analysts. Companies are actively looking for candidates with relevant skills and expertise in analytics to disburse higher remuneration. According to recent studies on the salary of data analysts, it is shown that the average salary for data science professionals has touched INR 16.8 Lakhs per annum in 2022, with a straight hike of 25.4% as compared to last year.

This matrix shows how the top data analytics companies in India are increasingly hiring professionals in data analytics or data science. So, if you are looking for a promotion or are interested in data-related jobs and want to make a switch in your career, then this is the right time to start. You can indulge yourself in an online business analytics course to learn relevant skills and start a career in the same domain.

Here are the top analytics companies in India that you can shortlist for your job application to save time. So let’s have a look.

Best Business and Data Analytics Companies in India

1. is an excellent place to start or change a career as a business analyst. This analytics firm provides businesses with solutions powered by machine learning and AI. Alabs has combined the best data science and analytics practices to create custom, complete solutions ready for use. Regarding scalable data models and algorithms supported by in-depth industry knowledge, Alabs is the most excellent place in India to start a career in analytics.

2. Accenture Analytics 

The analytics division of the tech behemoth Accenture is called Accenture Analytics. The company has established itself by specializing in providing data-driven solutions and receiving strong support from machine learning and artificial intelligence. This analytics division provides a great environment for a data analyst or business analyst because Accenture’s predictive analytics technology powers it. You can get the opportunity to work at Accenture Innovation Centers and Accenture Labs, as well as join its global network of over 1800 data scientists and analysts after completing business analytics courses.

3. Datalicious 

Another excellent analytics company to work in India is Datalicious. With the help of Datalicious, marketers can use data to inform decisions that can enhance the consumer experience. The learning curve at Datalicious, which has a strong and committed staff of data analysts and engineers, is steep. It is important to note that Datalicious is one of the top Google Analytics resellers in the APAC area, enabling it to deal with startups and Fortune 500 enterprises.

4. Gramener 

One of the most exciting businesses to keep an eye on is Gramener. Today, Gramener is among India’s leading providers of data analytics services. Gramener uses data to create simplified dashboards that make it visually easier to solve business problems. The designs make it simpler for the eyes to recognize important messages based on cognitive studies.

5. Convergytics 

One of the most significant data analytics businesses to work with in India is Convergytics. The company specializes in growth analytics with a retail and CPG focus. Convergytics provides services that assist companies in increasing customer satisfaction, marketing ROI, and innovation to stay competitive. Convergytics is the ideal environment to develop and learn.

6. Crayon Data 

Crayon Data is famous for its highly dynamic work culture, and the company has paced its growth since its inception. One of the data firms with the greatest growth rates, with its headquarters in Singapore, aims to simplify the world’s options. Through SimplerChoices, a proprietary platform, Crayon Data offers its consumers highly tailored choices. The company has data on around 25 billion tastes, 1 billion tastes, and approximately 25 million goods.

7. Absolut Data 

Indian analytics firm attempting to introduce a diagnostic method to corporate analytics is Absolutdata. Absolutdata offers the best-in-class business analytics solution for determining which marketing initiatives will produce the best outcomes, from customer analytics to marketing analytics. If you’re looking for a mid-sized firm with a fun and educational work environment, Absolutdata is the place for you to work. 

Skills Required to Become Data Analyst 

A data analyst requires technical and soft skills to perform their job responsibilities efficiently. The recruiters first check your skills in your resume before setting up an interview with you. So make sure you know all the skills required to become a successful data analyst. Some of the required skills to become a data or business analyst are mentioned below:-

  1. Data Visualization
  2. Python
  3. R
  4. Scala
  5. Data Management
  6. Communication skills
  7. Critical thinking


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