Top 3 Social Media Monitoring Apps for Employers

Top 3 Social Media Monitoring Apps for Employers

We are living in the digital world of likes and followers and tweets and retweets. The majority of us have been living a dual life. One is where we are living in the real world all with the realities and logic. Another is the digital life where everyone is living a perfect pain-free magical life. Social media has this power of captivating every age group person belonging to any field of life. It is a huge source of entertainment for some and anxiety or depressions for others. Irrelevant to the outcomes of social media excessive usage, it is used by everyone. Excessive use of anything can be dangerous thus it’s all good that you are tweeting and sharing every second of your life on Snapchat but when this obsession is hindering the work then its time to take action. Employers have so many options thanks to advancements in technology that can limit the social media usage by the employees. Spy apps are getting in use by the employers which can monitor the social media activities of the employees and keep an eye on them especially during working hours.

There are many kinds of monitoring app available. Some gave trial period others offer different packages  for the users to select the desired one. Here we are discussing the top three social media monitoring app.


TheOneSpy is a monitoring app specifically made to monitor employees activities. They offer a multi packages. You can select the monthly or annual package after the testing period. TheOneSpy made a full report comparing the productive and non-productive activities of employees. They have feature which records the time spent on any kind of social media by the employees. It is managed by a single control panel and offer an offer a full online demo to users.


Another app that has been used by employers for monitoring purposes is Veriato app. They provide an AI platform to save data breach. They monitor all the online activities across web-like chats history, social media monitoring, internet browsing email details etc. Veriato uses extensive monitoring tools and use an integrated AI platform to detect any kind of pattern and then analyze it. If you find any suspicious pattern ain any employee activity the monitoring team can take action against the suspected employee.


The monitoring app that is on the top of our list is   monitoring app that offers various kinds of packages to its users. User can select the desired package according to their needs and demands. It supports mac system and windows system as well.Along with that another major plus point of OgyMogy is that it offers the android spy version,which can be used to monitor employees through their cell phones.All you need to do is complete the installation process by following simple instructions.You need to physically access the target device whether laptop or tablet or smartphone for the first time to complete the installation.After that, you will have complete remote access to the device.

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Android spy app offers many kinds of features but the most important one is their range of socialmedia spy apps.They offer alist of social media spy app which can be used to monitor the social media usage of the employees. Alist of spy apps built for social media areas follows

  • Facebook spy app
  • Instagram spy app
  • Skype spy app
  • Whatsapp spy app
  • Viber spy app
  • Tinder spy app
  • IMO spy app
  • Line spy app
  • Hike spy app

And the list goes on.They cover almost every social media app which are in common use.You can track the activity log,chats details,even have access to voice log messages of Facebook by using the spy app.Employers can have strict surveillance on Whatsapp activities of the employees their group chats etc using the phone spy app of OgyMogy. Employers can have complete access to all the media sharing through social media apps using Skype app.Social media can be a source of huge distraction and can affect the productivity of the employees. You can make sure no one is using social media during the working hours, by tracking the activities with timestamp.

Don’t worry your employees will not use any kind of social media app during working hours as OgyMogy has got your back.

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