Top 5 Perks Of Social Intranet For Boosting Internal Communication

Top 5 Perks Of Social Intranet For Boosting Internal Communication


Corporate social intranet use is still prevalent. With its tech-enabled new tools and excellent prospects, the internet may have mostly taken over the playing field, but an intranet still has a lot to offer an enterprise.

There’s a good reason why some businesses are going back to the simpler times when they set up a social intranet for the entire firm.

Even in all its splendour, the internet might not be as valuable as an intranet in the context of a company. When people claim that intranets are out of style, they almost invariably mean the wrong kind of intranet. They presumably have in mind an intranet that is dated, unsightly, awkward, and challenging to use.

When HR technology wasn’t as advanced as it is now, we were all obliged to adopt a type like this. Today’s intranets are slick, engaging, visually appealing, and simple to use; these are essentially short versions of the internet with a few extra capabilities. The compelling content banks and collaboration portals of today’s social intranets serve as a one-stop shop for all of an organisation’s digital collaboration, coordination, and communication requirements.

Here Are 5 Perks Of Social Intranet

Heightened engagement of employees

According to a study, almost 70% of workers aren’t engaged in their jobs. Even while there has since been a slight improvement, today’s numbers are by all accounts still concerning. It is obvious that a sense of disengagement leads to a loss of interest and a purpose of exclusion.

These two elements help firms experience a productivity drain.

An intelligent social intranet is a helpful tool for keeping workers in the loop about both internal corporate operations and one another. Additionally, it offers an inner conduit for teamwork, communication, and corporate contact that can make staff members at all levels feel essential to make the organisation successful with their joint efforts.

A rise in workforce productivity on the go

Productivity improvement is perhaps one of the most apparent advantages of adopting a social intranet for any firm. Intranets are designed with business requirements in mind.

Regardless of the type of organisation you manage, an intranet may give you a single point of access to all the resources your staff members need to be productive. Naturally, that is not all. Information is disseminated quickly because intranets encourage connectivity and good communication.

Additionally, this entails quicker response times, which always boosts workforce productivity. One of the main advantages of an intranet integrated with intelligent HRMS software in India is that it encourages businesses to use it as a tool for increased productivity.

Improved communication and teamwork among remote personnel

Teams working on a project may occasionally come from various cities, states, or even nations. The teams may sometimes be dispersed among departments that are geographically apart while nevertheless operating in the same area.

Any organisation’s teams and departments need to be able to work together and communicate well in order for it to function correctly.

One of the most efficient channels for cooperation available to any firm is an intranet. It improves open and quick communication between your teams and makes it simple to share documents, communicate ideas, and work concurrently when not present in the same place. It also allows for interaction with other teams.

Employees inside an organisation benefit as well from being continually informed about the activities of each team as well as the general direction of ongoing business projects.

Creating and maintaining a strong corporate culture

A strong, alive, and forward-thinking corporate culture is essential for today’s modern corporation. Your company can develop and strengthen its positive organisational culture with the use of a social intranet.

Employees can receive suitable orientation, training, and exposure to other staff members’ relationships, communication styles, and work attitudes through the intranet. In other words, it provides a secure environment for staff members to learn about and test out a company’s way of life.

Streamlined corporate procedures through the exchange of critical information and regulations

Employees are more likely to feel emotionally attached to your organisation’s vision and mission when knowledge and policies are shared with them from day one.

Generally, this information is rarely exchanged. Sadly, a tonne of information is still being stored in silos.

Through an intelligent intranet, new employees can have access to this knowledge and apply it to boost productivity. It’s not a good idea to presume that other people understand what to do and what you expect of them.

You can share knowledge and policies with the use of systems like document management, content management, chatbots, and social intranet. When staff has a question, they can quickly search such platforms. Utilise the advantages of an intranet today with smart HRMS tools and programs in your organisation.


In conclusion, by integrating a social intranet into daily operations, any firm has a lot to gain. It can raise employee engagement and collaboration, increase information sharing and idea sharing inside your company, and increase workforce productivity.

Aside from the handful we’ve mentioned, an intranet has countless advantages. The advantages an intranet may provide your company might be enormous if used properly.