WooCommerce Inventory Management System Integration

WooCommerce Inventory Management System Integration

WooCommerce Inventory Management has the ability to manage your inventory from your WooCommerce order in two common configurations. The WooCommerce inventory management integration by TradeGecko allows you to eventually manage your inventory properly. With WooCommerce integration, you can sync orders and products and take advantage of some of TradeGecko’s more advanced inventory management features such as product keying and smart reporting.

WooCommerce stores, improving your business inventory management

Match Inventory

It is easy but difficult to pick which Products or variations you need to Publish on WooCommerce. We at WPGlobalSupport agree on your list- no added complexity. 

Making sales orders 

At the point when an order is placed in your WooCommerce store, WPGlobalSupport automatically makes a business request and an invoice. No exertion on your part. 

Synchronizing stock levels 

No sweat making or accepting order- your inventory levels additionally sync consequently. WPGlobalSupport additionally takes care of a few deals channels. 

Bereft for multi-channel Sales

WPGlobalSupport automates the backend procedure on WooCommerce and consolidates every one of your sales channels, areas, and monetary standards. 

B2C e-commerce experience for wholesale buyers 

Give your wholesale buyers extraordinary shopping involvement in a completely adjustable, private B2B e-commerce stage. 

Incredible e-commerce incorporations 

Effectively grow your WooCommerce store across other famous channels like Amazon, Etsy, and eBay and oversee orders from one stage.

What Is WooCommerce?            

WooCommerce is a free and open-source internet business WordPress module that lets present-day makers sell on the web. 

The way that the module is open source lets item making organizations use alterations and redo their webpage, furnishing organizations with more control over how they sell their items on the web. 

The best part is that WooCommerce isn’t simply restricted to physical items, you can likewise sell programming, administrations, and computerized products as well. Which is ideal for any creators who offer establishment bundles alongside their items. 

WooCommerce stock administration doesn’t have a cutoff on the number of items and pictures you can have on your site. 

Basically, WooCommerce helps creators in dealing with their store, structure, and adaptability. 

WooCommerce offers you the chance to set up your favored installment passages (it doesn’t need to be restricted to on the web, you can likewise set-up check or money down installments) and transportation details, (for example, the weight and measurements of the units you sell). 

At last, propelled highlights let you empower robotized charges. This fundamentally implies WooCommerce stock will naturally figure the related assessments on an item when a client makes a buy. Incredible for those exchanging universally.

WooCommerce Features

Download Orders Automatically 

At whatever point there is a new request on WooCommerce, WooCommerce requests the administrators’ software downloads it consequently and adds the request to your procedure line for pick and pack. 

Sync Real-Time Inventory Levels 

Any change in the original inventory amounts in your WooCommerce is synchronized back to your online WooCommerce store and whatever another online stage that you have online deals channels. 

Sync Shipment Data 

The WooCommerce inventory management system integration the total satisfaction process. When the requests are pressed and marks are printed, WPGlobalSupport matches up the shipment following data to WooCommerce. 

Download Product Listings 

Our multi-channel the board for WooCommerce downloads your item posting data and matches if the SKU exists in the system. Any report on the item postings will be synchronized from WooCommerce to WPGlobalSupport.

5 Best WooCommerce Inventory Management Tools


TradeGecko works with WooCommerce to match up your e-commerce store with its easy-to-use inventory management. You can control your stock in different areas, oversee deals and buy arranges, and robotize delay purchasing. 


Stichlabs offers Stich, another great e-commerce inventory management framework to consider. It naturally synchronizes inventory, requests, and information over numerous business channels, providers, and satisfaction areas. 


With all the major e-commerce stages, including WooCommerce, just as numerous items, for example, Stripe, Amazon, eBay, and transporters like UPS, FedEx, and the USPS, and the sky is the limit from there. 

DEAR Inventory 

On the off chance that you have to follow completed merchandise just as crude material inventory, the DEAR Inventory is a decent decision. DEAR will permit you to control deals, inventory, and delivery across multi-channels. 

WooCommerce Stock Manager 

On the off chance that your inventory management needs are not excessively unpredictable, WooCommerce Stock Manager will probably work. It permits you to oversee stock, set stock status, set rainchecks, set stock, set value, set deal cost, and set load for every item and variety. It additionally adjusts with Excel pleasantly to import and fare information to and fro.


In any case, WooCommerce inventory management is extremely difficult to keep up to stay away from mistakes, which will be expensive to your business over the long haul. 

Use WooCommerce to deal with your store, however completely advance your business by incorporating smart manufacturing software that lets you manage with your inventory, build up your product schedule, oversee production status and A centralized dashboard will allow all sales orders to be completed.