How Google Meet Can Be Used for Education

How Google Meet Can Be Used for Education

Google Meet is the product of the world’s most famous search engine Google. With the help of this product, Google is providing video communication services to the users. Google Meet has replaced Google Hangouts and Google Chat. By using the basic plan of G-Suite, you can engage 100 participants in the video conferences. It is supported on all the devices like Windows, IOS and Android. Google Meet is a cloud based platform. Therefore, you can easily use it for education. Teachers and students are using Google Meet for education in various ways. Here, we will discuss the ways to use Google Meet for education.

We Can Use It To Startet Class:

By using Google Meet, you can start a remote class. Google Meet is providing different opportunities to start a class. You can start a class either by making video calls, audio calls or messages. Google Meet allows the teachers to make a contact group of all the students. They can provide lessons to all the students simultaneously. They can also provide lessons to the individual students in a one-on-one lesson. Google Meet allows the teachers to schedule the lectures. For this reason, you can set time and date by using its calendar. If you are starting a class by using Google Meet, you can ensure the security of the students. The class on the Google Meet will also be free from the distractions. It means that during the classes, students and teachers will not see ads.

Teachers Can Use It To Automatic Assessment:

Assessment is the main part of education. T