Hotel Channel Manager: Why is It Important for Your Hotel?

Hotel Channel Manager: Why is It Important for Your Hotel?

You know what, to compete in the modern world as a hotel, you should definitely make use of today’s cutting-edge technological platforms that is particularly designed for the hospitality industry. They boost efficiency, save time, automate daily activities, lower expenses, and decrease mistakes. The most wonderful product to take advantage of for the hotel industry is a good Hotel Channel Manager or HCM. But what is really this software, and how can it enhance your reach and occupancy rates?

What Is a HCM?

Hotel type of Channel Management Software is an application that aids the hoteliers in improving their guest experience by offering relevant information at the given time. The prime goal of this software is to unite all aspects of a hotel’s operations under a single system, such as connecting with diverse types of operators and keeping everything updated and even synchronized.

It is something that permits for real-time data analytics to allow managers to simply make efficient decisions. A channel manager for hotels makes use of the data analytics, machine learning, and even artificial intelligence to recognize patterns, allowing hoteliers to manage their overall channels better. Essentially, this is one software that is one of the most efficient and effective tools for hoteliers looking for ways to simply optimize their guest experience. The software is specifically designed to help hotels and even other service providers boost the performance of their hotel channels, encompassing:

  • Online marketing: Hotel type of Channel Management software helps hotels increase revenue and even diminish costs by enhancing the performance of their online marketing channels.
  • Customer retention: HCM can also help hotels identify and even enhance customer retention opportunities like customer loyalty programs.
  • Operations: The software may help with operational processes like that of inventory management, planning, pricing, and pricing.

Quick perks of having a HCM?

Well, there are many perks and once you use it you would experience the most of them. After all, HMC software has made it easier and efficient for hotels to be in the game. It helps diminish the operational costs and enhance the management efficiency. This software offers a dashboard where managers can simply monitor all aspects of their hotel’s performance, encompassing cost per available room, revenue per available room, occupancy, and net profit. The software automatically gathers data from every single channel to offer an accurate view of the performance of each channel that permits managers to make decisions that are going to ensure that they are running a profitable hotel.

  • Automation brings Errors down

With a proper channel manager, the days of double booking or even incorrect days can be a clear thing of the past. The possibilities of human error massively increase when bookings need to be done manually as the human brain works in a specific way. However, by making use of this kind of software, you are handing over the mundane and even repetitive type of tasks to an algorithm that does think in this way. A quality channel manager simply saves you hours of manual rate and even inventory modifications. It removes the overall high risk of mistakes, upkeeping update logs, controls over-bookings, and handles inventory and even rate updates and synchronization. It even informs you of any updates from the otas that you make use to act accordingly. The lesser errors you have, the better your reviews are going to be , hopefully leading to a higher level of occupancy rate.

  • Different Channels Can Be Added To Boost Reach

Of course, the phrase distribution channel refers to the numerous techniques and platforms through which hotel reservations are made. A channel can easily get a hotel’s booking engine, a direct phone reservation, an even third-party website, an online travel agency, and more. It nowhere really matter what the season is; a hotel-distribution-channels is always advantageous. You would not really have to rely on restricted type of booking sources in case you have a proper multichannel booking strategy. For your business to simply grow and succeed, you need a diversity of booking sources. A channel manager must permit you to add as many channels as required and simply sync them all together. You are going to receive more exposure and ultimately more bookings in case you have more channels.

  • Convenient to rebook

Well, a hotel’s profit is something that is clearly based on its occupancy rate. The fewer customers you have, the less revenue you are going to make; it is as simple as it. However, in some of the circumstances, a customer may cancel a booking for whatever type of reason. In case you have set up your diverse types of otas in such a way to include free type of cancellation, this can simply mean that you will essentially lose out. However, channel management software simply makes it straightforward to swiftly get the room back up and ready to refill in the absence of much effort on your end. In most of the instances , as soon as a customer cancels and even you confirm, your software is going to immediately reopen that room again.

  • Direct Bookings Save You pennies on Commissions

There is no doubt that a robust channel manager can drive direct reservations, that are more profitable for properties, in addition to minimalizing overbookings. There’s little doubt that otas are somewhat effective at attracting new consumers, but recurring customers are the most effectively profitable. A channel manager can simply assist a hotel get in front of the mind of a traveller, but it is going to be up to the property to encourage the guest to return and even book directly with them. Channel management permits the properties to expand their presence in manifold markets while also permitting clients to book directly on the brand’s website. For instance, you could simply sign them up for a newsletter that occasionally updates them of diverse types of deals your hotel might run, hence encouraging them to simply book directly with you rather than simply an OTA.


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