Matt Davies Stockton Shares the Best Made-For-Mobile Board Games

Matt Davies Stockton Shares the Best Made-For-Mobile Board Games


According to Matt Davies Stockton, board games are a lot of fun when played with friends in person. However, when that’s not possible, you can turn to your phone and play board games with your friends online. Let’s check out the best made-for-mobile board games.

The Games

1. Cards Against Humanity

If you’ve indulged in party games, you’re probably aware of the physical version of this game. Fortunately, you can find digital versions of these games on your phone as well. It’s a fun game where players ask questions and fill in the blanks using funny, bizarre, and sometimes dark words or phrases on the cards in their hands.

You can play the game online with three or more friends or online strangers. The game starts with each player being dealt 10 or more cards and one player has the role of the card judge. The card judge takes out a black card with a question or fill-in-the-blank statement and players choose one white card to answer the question of fill-in-the-blank. However, the combinations of the white and black cards can lead to bizarre, dark, and funny moments and it should only be played by adults.

2. Wordle

Last year Wordle took the world by storm and within just months it grew its player base from a few hundred to millions. It’s a free word game where you need to guess a five-letter word within 6 tries or less. After each guess, the tiles change color. They go green if you guess the right letter at the right spot and yellow means that the letter is in the word but on the wrong spot.

The game’s creative genius lies in its artificial limitation. You can only play the game once a day by yourself and that builds anticipation and obsession while keeping you off your phone. It’s a fun and simple game made by a developer who wanted to gift something to his girlfriend who liked guessing games. It has no ads, doesn’t ask for your data, and just wants you to have fun.

3. Through the Ages

If you want something more comprehensive that can be played for hours and has a lot of complexity, then Through the Ages is the perfect game for you. It is one of the best made-for-mobile strategy board games that you can play with your friends or against AI.

If you’re familiar with Sid Meier’s Civilization games, Through the Ages is basically that in a card game format. You’re in charge of one of the many civilizations and must guide your people through to the modern era. You’ll need to develop infrastructure, acquire technology, and keep your people happy and safe from aggressors. You do all that by dealing cards.


Matt Davies Stockton suggests that you download and try out some of the above-mentioned board games on your phone. You’ll find at least one game that appeals to you the most and allows you to spend your free time without getting bored.