Why Identity Verification Is So Important Nowadays: Explained

Why Identity Verification Is So Important Nowadays: Explained

Artificial Intelligence is playing an instrumental role in enriching the field of identity verification services. From facial recognition to fingerprint biometrics, Artificial Intelligence has given a new dimension to identity verification. But why is identity verification so important? What could possibly an identity theft do to you? Find the relevant explanations in the course of this article.

What Is Identity Verification?

Identity verification makes sure that a process is being carried out by a real person and establishes that the individual is who they say they are. This stops someone from creating a fraudulent identity, engaging in scams, or acting without authorization on someone else’s behalf.

Creating a document that verifies your identity and, perhaps, your age and nationality or citizenship is the fundamental step in identity verification services. This used to be done in person in the past. However, it involved queues and long waiting hours.

Nowadays, so much of our life now is online, we are frequently required to provide e-identification. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has simply taken identity verification services to the next level. Above all, you can completely rely on the accuracy of computerized identity verification.

Why Identity Verification Is Important?

Prevention of identity theft is the key reason for identity verification. Scammers can take advantage of fake identities to commit a crime. Hence, identity verification services need to be at par with the current technologies to beat fraudulent activities.

Everything is now slowly but steadily getting transferred to online mode. For example, Know Your Customer (KYC) services used to be a manual task that required a lot of documentation to prove one’s identity. Ironically, these documents were susceptible to duplicity.

This is where AI 3D identity verification services come in handy. It checks someone’s identity using facial scanning, fingerprints, retina scanning, and other methods. It can also be employed to verify an employee’s identity at work places. The use of passwords, PIN codes, and other antiquated forms of authentication has long since been replaced by biometric authentication. Biometrics can develop data-driven security protocols with the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Let’s have a look at the advantages of identity verification services.

Maintain and Enhance Image

Identity theft is not something that affects individuals only. Enterprises can also fall victim to identity theft. Fake websites and duplicate companies are examples of identity theft from various companies. To prevent this from happening, which definitely jeopardizes an organization’s image, you must take resort to the latest identity verification services.

Avoid Financial Scams

Identity theft is common in cyber phishing and scamming activities. Culprits steal an individual’s identity and get involved in an event that ultimately causes financial troubles to the victim. Money-laundering companies may also fall victim to such scams. Therefore, it is wise to implement up-to-date AI-enabled identity verification services to avoid unwanted circumstances.

Save Your Reputation

Online scammers don’t steal identities to get involved in financial crimes only. If a fake person steals your identity, he or she can do various other scams that tarnish your social reputation. To stay safe and to keep up your reputation, you must protect your identity with strong AI-boosted technology. Thieves and scammers will find it difficult to crack the shield and your reputation will stay safe.


This is a world where we must live with the advent of technology. It brings certain uncalled aspects which you can also mitigate by taking resort to Artificial Intelligence technology. Stop others from stealing your identity and live a life with your head held high. To know more, click on https://www.hyperverge.co/solutions/fintech.