What the Payment Processing Industry Can Learn from Fintechs

What the Payment Processing Industry Can Learn from Fintechs

The payment processing industry has shifted from traditional cash payments to digital payment methods. More consumers now rely on contactless payments (Mastercard Study. 2020) while technology providers continuously innovate to meet growing demands and an expanding consumer base.

Businesses and consumers are now accustomed to cashless and contactless payments. The use of digital payment methods ensures safety, convenience, and speed, which improves customer satisfaction, drives sales, increases conversion rates as well as customer retention.

As technology evolves, financial tech firms–fintechs–have developed new tools to provide better methods, improved customer experience through speedy transactions, lowered the number of rejected payments, and created seamless payment processes.

From Fintechs to Payment Processing

Fintech companies have brought revolutionary changes in payment processing. Fintechs provide opportunities to improve payment services due to their high technology capabilities through a simplified internal structure.

The traditional methods combined with regulation compliance processes lead to high transaction costs. A fintech’s ability to integrate more effectively with banks means speedier transactions and more flexible fees. Fintechs offer many services at a lower and more affordable price.

Since most fintechs focus only on a specific product or service; this translates to lower operating costs. Sometimes they can even do more than traditional financial institutions.

In addition, fintechs have straightforward tools without the heavy and inconvenient processes and requirements, hence, a better concentration on enhancing customer experiences.

The traditional systems are not helping small and middle-size businesses, which have aided in the rise of fintechs.

Fintechs have greatly taken advantage of new technology for customer service, risk management, and fraud prevention. With fintechs’ focus on new technology, they can respond capably to the customers’ needs with improved efficiency, boosted security, and better transparency.

Technology advancement can greatly transform the payment processing industry and society. With collaborative efforts between traditional players and fintechs, it can provide better opportunities for new products, services, and tools that will benefit all parties.

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