Can Tracking App in Android Record Facebook Activities

Can Tracking App in Android Record Facebook Activities

Have you ever been to a Facebook watch party?Well, I haven’t been toone but I have seen some crazy people enjoying in my lounge and I can tell you one thing it is not a pleasing view to the eye. I have watched my daughter and her friends enjoying the party when her friends plan the sleepover at our place. In our time we did many fun things at the night stay over but this generation is different. I have not seen such aboring sleepover plan in my whole life. All of them were asking if their devices are fully charged and if they have a backup as well.

Some were asking about theAirPods charging and before everything started I have no idea what they were planning to do. But once started this was one of the dumbest things I have ever seen. Apologies if any teenager is reading and have been to watch party or like or love these virtual things but I just was unable to understand the whole hype.

They all just sat with their gadgets on were virtually enjoying an online concert. They were talking loud and there were fanchats and all but unfortunately, I was standing right there and was not getting the vibe. So as compared to the live parties and concerts it is a big no. But during my stay, there were some unpleasing visuals shown and they all were flustered some of them even tried to sneak a peakon me to check if I have seen that or not.

They slept very late and enjoyed the concert in full volume but that scene stuck in my mind the whole night. All the girls were confident enough to enjoy the thing while staying in the lounge, still and an unexpected scene was enough to make them all flustered.

Android Tracking apps can record Facebook Activities

This is the reality of the social media platform. We are not sure about anything. So I researched in the coming weeks whether a tracking app inandroid gadget can let me know about the online activities of the kids especially Facebook or not. Well turned out they can and one of the best named OgyMogy, TheOneSpy, mSpy, Flexispy offer very excellent bundle deals.  Here are some of the benefits of the Facebook spy app offered by the monitoring software.

Eyes On the Followers and Friends:

Kids think that all their so-called online friends are like real friends of theirs. Some even share personal information and secret with them as well. I am not saying that this can’t be possible but still you can’t just trust everyone, you meet online. With the help of the Facebook spy app, one can know about the online company,friends and followers of the kid secretly and easily.

Monitor the Facebook Account Activities:

You cant trust the online platform and company. Make sure your kid is not watching any weird content or have friends with such a person who can be a bad influence.Tracking app in android helps the parents to know about every Facebook activity in detail.

Read all the Comments and Likes:

Keep them safe from online bullies,stalkers by having access totheir posts or public post and comments. Make sure no one dare to bully or leave threatening comments or content under your kid’s post or photos.

Remote Access to the Facebook Messenger:

Access to the Facebook messenger means you can know about everything that happens behind the secret doors of the inbox folder. Know who they are frequently in contact with and make sure no psycho or weirdo make a contact with the kid through the messenger chat app.

KeepCheck On The Media Shared Through Tracking app:

The media shared through Facebook openly or even through the private chat box can be monitored by using the android spying app.

The use of tracking app in android gadgets offer many other features apart from social media and instant messenger chat app monitoring.  For example in case you want to usethe app as parental control then you might like the GPS location tracking feature, Mic bug feature, Camera bug features, access to the photo gallery feature and more.