Cater To the Needs of Your Web Visitors with Disabilities Better Using the Accessibe WordPress Plugin

Cater To the Needs of Your Web Visitors with Disabilities Better Using the Accessibe WordPress Plugin

Users with disabilities have different needs when they use the Internet, and if you are the owner of a business site, you should make it accessible to them as well. In fact, nations across the world have made it legally compulsory for you to have an accessible website, or else you will be liable for hefty fines and lawsuits.

Install The Accessibe WordPress Plugin to keep lawsuits at bay

The accessibe wordpress plugin helps you keep lawsuits at bay when it comes to compliance and web accessibility. If you wish to make a professional and thriving WordPress website, accessibility is an important practice in web design that you should be aware of.

 It is the responsibility of a business owner to ensure their WordPress sites match global standards. If your site is accessible, you will enjoy the benefits of better web traffic and SEO. When you invest in a WordPress site with hosting capabilities that are high in performance, you surely do not wish to compromise with risks.

Is your site accessible?

If you are not sure whether your WordPress site is fully accessible or not, you can always use the aCe scanner, a free feature under Accessibe. Here, you will get an accurate insight into your site’s accessibility levels.

When it comes to the subject of web accessibility, it actually takes a lot of time for you to understand the topic and its significance today. When you rely on a web accessibility tool, you can relieve the burdens of unwanted lawsuits and fines for non-compliance.

Features you can enjoy with the web accessibility plugin

When you rely on a web accessibility plugin, you can save a lot of time and money on fixing problems in the field. In the past, businesses had to incur a lot of costs on web developers to arrest issues in web accessibility. This ordeal was tough for SMBs as they generally had limited resources and money.

Thanks to the advent of web accessibility plugins, this problem no longer exists. Businesses can now remain fully compliant and make users, including those with disabilities, happy with their site browsing experience as well.

When you install the plugin, you will enjoy the following benefits-

  • The tool works directly with the code of your site.
  • Makes adjustments to the design and UI of the site so that you get better contrast on text and colors, navigation, and more.
  • Makes automatic adjustments to screen readers.
  • Makes adjustments to keyboard navigation.
  • Offers dailycompliance monitoring.
  • Audits your website for web accessibility after 24 hours.

When you install the accessibe wordpress plugin, you are assured that if issues in web accessibility crop up on your site, they will be remediated easily. The tool is automated and does not need any manual intervention from your end. You just need to install it and forget about it. With this tool, you are able to manage your business better, knowing that your site is 24/7 compliant and accessible to everyone online, including users with disabilities, with success!

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